Alokozay General Trading (Cyprus) Ltd

Alokozay General Trading (Cyprus) Ltd

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Achieving Today, What Is Possible Tomorrow

We build brands that people love – and that add value to the everyday lives of millions around the world. We’re the Alokozay Group of Companies. With a glorious history that spans over a century, we’re one of the largest FMCG multinational companies in the Middle East. Headquartered in Dubai, we have a wide manufacturing and distribution network spread across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.

As a brand, we’re passionate about offering our customers only the best, this reflected in our premium quality range of products – from our signature teas, delectable biscuits, pure and organic cooking oils, and extensive range of non-alcoholic beverages, to our soft and hygienic tissues, meticulously manufactured and personal care products, and our engine oil.

Numbers that Tell A Story

Our journey began with trading goods along the ancient silk road. We have since gone on to establish ourselves as a global powerhouse, with a presence in over 40 countries and a 35,000-strong member team world-over. 
We’re an ISO-certified company, and we operate our own large-scale state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, warehouses and logistics. 


A Brand that on Trust 

Ultimately, all our efforts are focused on one single objective – to be a brand people can trust. We achieve this by ensuring that we always maintain the highest standards of quality in all our areas of business. 

We’re leaders in product development, research, and logistics. We scour the globe, ensuring that we source only the best quality raw materials, and have invested in world-class manufacturing facilities, to uphold the quality levels we’ve committed to. 

  • 100+ Year-Old Global Brand 
  • Present in 40+ Countries 
  • 35,000+ Global Team 
  • ISO Certified Company 


Changing the World for the Better 

We strive to achieve our primary objectives by placing people at the of all our activities. Being a part of the change this world needs, lies at the heart of this. 

The communities in which we operate form an intrinsic part of this journey. Which is why we’ve set up production units in countries that are most in need of an economic boost. 

With the objective of fostering the spirit of inclusion, we’re proud to have created a wide range of job opportunities across the globe, providing people with an empowering, engaging and positive work environment.

Our motto ‘Achieving today, what is possible tomorrow’ reflects our vision to create a brand that is loved and trusted by all, backed by innovation and social responsibility. To that end, our promise as a brand from the Alokozay Family to yours, is to create a safer, healthier and happier future for one and all.  



As one of the distributors of KT&G for over 25 years, Alokozay’s successful partnership with the company has significantly boosted its momentum in global markets, through sustainable management and superior marketing. As the fifth-largest tobacco manufacturers in the world, KT&G is widely recognised for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With an unparalleled record of adapting to contemporary requirements of users and by their distinctive manufacturing expertise, KT&G has dominated over 70% of the domestic market for cigarettes and has expanded its distribution to over 40 markets across the globe.