AMAROX CO. LTD (Prehistoric Treasures Shops)

AMAROX CO. LTD (Prehistoric Treasures Shops)

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Prehistoric Treasures is established in Cyprus. We have a unique collection of fossils, minerals, carvings, meteorites and other semi-precious stones.


In this collection a lot of items are of museum quality. These include different kinds of complete dinosaurs, dino heads and other dino items.


Other unique pieces include trunks and slices of fossil wood, fossil fish, ammonites, amber, sharks teeth, orthoceras, trilobites, goniatites, fossils leaves, fossil insects, stromatolites and many other common and rare pieces from different parts of the world.


In the mineral collection it includes items from ordinary to museum quality. Some of these items are amethyst, agates, citrin, rock crystal, malachite, malachite, pyrite, Ammolites, rubies, garnet, carnelian and many other minerals.


A good collection of carvings by Peter Muller, jewellery by Maria Zawadzka, metaphysical, Feng-Shui items and meteorites are available.


The exhibits come from all over the world like Brazil, Madagascar, Morocco, China, Russia, France, Poland, Peru, Lebanon and many others.


Prehistoric Treasures Shops

  • 96H, Stavrou Ave, Nicosia
    Tel: +357 22 441250


  • My Mall, Zakaki, Limassol
    Tel: +357 25 398188


  • Kings Ave, Mall Paphos
    Tel: +357 26 221231