Ayiotis Freight Forwarding Ltd

Ayiotis Freight Forwarding Ltd

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Elias Ayiotis Freight Forwarding Ltd was founded in year 1999, by the initiative of our managing director Mr Elias Ayiotis and the chairman and CEO of Fischer & Reichsteiner Company SpA Mr Riccardo Riva.

Through a selected network of skilful international agents/associates, our company offers most reliable, efficient and regular services from more than 43 countries.

For our company, what is fundamentally important and stands as our Polar Star showing the way to us, is to always handle each & every shipment entrusted to us, with professionalism, speed and personal attention.  

Prompted by the 40 years of experience and knowledge of our managing director Mr Elias Ayiotis, we are dedicated to the idea of serving our customers in the best possible way and we are on the lookout for constant improvement of the quality of our services for the best interest of our customers as well as ours.

Our company is fully committed to its objective, for developing and modernizing our organisation by keeping firmly the inspiring principles, on which our company is based.