EFSC Cyprus

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Who are we?

EFSC Cyprus

Shifting to renewable energy has been one of the most demanded solutions  for businesses and households. Our increased needs in power reflects in our increased monthly costs. Solar Power can significantly reduce our expenses while staying environmentally friendly. EFSC LTD has developed affordable Rent-to-Own programs in order to  provide  households and businesses an additional alternative to own a Photovoltaic System

The shift toward clean, reliable, affordable electricity is attractive for both achieving environmental benefits, but also to the ability to generate your own power and secure a fixed and competitive price of electricity that these systems provide. Rooftop solar is increasingly cost-effective for home and business owners

Our Vision

We aim to build a potential future where everyone can access the power they need, whenever they need it.


Why EFSC Cyprus?

With a strong network of experienced and professional solar installers, cutting edge technology and innovative facilities, EFSC LTD can give you the best solution to finally acquire your own PV System. The alternative that EFSC LTD provides, is the transition from your traditional and fluctuating electricity bills, to a stable, pre-defined payment schedule that will give you the ability to better monitor and control your finances.


Our Guarantee

You are completely covered with EFSC LTD. Our solar equipment comes with up to 25-year guarantee. During the Rent-to-Own period we provide free maintenance including replacement and repairs.