EMA Mechanical Contractors Ltd

EMA Mechanical Contractors Ltd

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Mechanical Services offers a complete range of services to ensure that the indoor environments of our clients’ buildings are healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. Our company specializes in mechanical services since 1988.


Building owners and managers have relied upon Mechanical Services to build, maintain and repair their heating, ventilation, water, energy and air conditioning systems. Our services today include the traditional expertise our customers value along bannerwith preventive maintenance, indoor air quality monitoring, testing, adjusting, system balancing and building commissioning.


To successfully operate buildings today we must understand the complex interaction of all of the building’s systems. Adjustments and modifications to one system will usually impact the operation of other building systems. This, in turn, impacts building comfort and energy consumption. Each system is an integral part of the operation of a building. To keep your building healthy, the overall picture must be understood.


Our organization provides expertise in all of the disciplines required to successfully maintain your building or facility. When we say “One call can do it all” we mean it. You have invested in your building; now make sure it performs to your expectations. Preventive maintenance is not a matter of lowest cost; it is ensuring that your building and equipment performs at its maximum potential.


Our vision is for every project, to exceed the expectations of our clients and to create long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with them. To accomplish this, we are cooperating with experienced partners in the design and construction projects mainly in homes and hotels.


Reliability is the word we want and we have succeeded in characterizing our company and all who work in it.