Eurosure Insurance Company Ltd

Eurosure Insurance Company Ltd

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Eurosure Insurance Company Ltd is an Insurance Company, which was listed in the register of insurance companies in Cyprus and begun operations in 1992. The Company operates in the Non Life field and offers all insurance products in the General Business. Professionalism, Competence and Honesty are the main characteristics of the Company.


Eurosure Insurance Company Ltd was set-up by the bringing together of a number of Entrepreneurs as well as the firm R. Christofidou Ltd which from 1927 was the Insurance Agent of Phoenix Assurance PLC. When in 1991, Eurosure was formed R. Christofidou Ltd, at its option, stopped the Agency of Phoenix Assurance PLC and undertook with the shareholders of Eurosure to transfer its business from the Agency to the newly formed Insurance Company.


All the operations of the Insurance Business are transacted under the Management of R. Christofidou Ltd even though the staff and the salesforce are employed directly by Eurosure Insurance Company Ltd.


In order to ensure that the Company operates in a professional manner, the Board of Directors of Eurosure by virtue of the Articles of Association of the Company are given strong powers which enable them, should they wish, to ensure that correct and proper management processes are in place.


Further R. Christofidou Ltd as Managers of Eurosure appoints the Chief Executive Officer.