George Katsafados Ltd

Γιώργος Κατσαφάδος Λτδ

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

George Katsafados Ltd is a Distribution Agent company with its own distribution network based in Nicosia, CYPRUS.


While the environment we operate in is highly antagonistic, we continue to grow since 1989 and maintain our competitive advantage with constant improvement of our infrastructure and new investment products lines and market development.


Within our online catalog you can find an extensive variety of products including smoker requisites, cigars, tobacco, DIY small tools and accessories, knives of all kinds, everyday electrical appliances, personal care items, light bulbs, batteries, stationary and plenty more.


Our customers include: convenience stores, supermarkets, tobacconist shops, gas stations, DIY stores, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Our distribution network covers the whole island of Cyprus with nearly 3500 wholesale customers. Our service rate is from 2 to 4 times per month and we offer next day delivery on all orders.


Our advantage and continuous strength is rooted with our solid values on customer service and ethics. Our experienced sales force and the rest of the team make customer service a priority daily and that’s the foundation of our success.