InterNapa College

Higher Education Institution

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

InterNapa College is a private institution of higher education registered with the Ministry of Education & Culture of the Republic of Cyprus to award its own Bachelor and Diploma programs. All programs of study are accredited by DI.PA.E. INC’s mission is to continue to develop as a college of higher education by fostering a learning environment where students, faculty, personnel and stakeholders strive ethically to achieve their goals and fulfil their social responsibilities. We at INC will dedicate all our efforts to providing students personal support to excel academically, professionally and socially for today and the future. INC is dedicated to providing educational programs that develop individual abilities, strengthen human relationships, enhance community welfare, and increase consciousness, with diversity as a source of renewal and vitality. Having academic freedom as a guiding principal, INC’s programs are modelled on American and European educational standards, providing students with diverse transfer opportunities.