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YGIA Natural Health

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

YGIA Natural Health, is a herbal supplements producing company, that is dedicated to physical health. Recognizing that prevention is better than cure, we believe that the appropriate herbs give the necessary energy to the human body, to be able to enjoy the pleasures of life. Believing firmly that Mother Nature produces everything a man needs to maintain physical health and with dedication to the philosophy of Hippocrates “Your medicine is your food”, we research thoroughly and choose high potency herbs “miracles” from the most reliable sources from around the world.


The encapsulation of our herbs is made at our laboratory in Cyprus and all our supplements are approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Health, under European regulations. The choice of herbs is based on both University research combined with applications both in Traditional as well as in Classical Medicine in the country of origin and the deep knowledge of its founders.