M.C. Ordinatio Compost Cyprus Ltd

M.C. Ordinatio Compost

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

M.C. Ordinatio Compost provides reliable scheduled collection services for managing degradable and non-bridgeable waste, and related compostable to businesses in the Larnaca area. Our customers include nursery, hotels, markets, offices, and schools, ect.


Our Mission

M.C. Ordinatio Compost’s mission is double. Our first responsibility is to provide municipalities and other private companies with an economical, alternative solution for the disposal of waste. Secondly, is to provide a top quality, recycled material to the consumer so that they may benefit from compost any good properties and organic elements.



Our vision aims at creating a “greener” environment in Cyprus and a world where landfills are no longer necessary. We believe that the recycling of organic materials is central to achieving healthy soils, clean water and a sustainable society.


Our Story

Ten years ago, during a visit to a European city, we saw landfills in the middle of the city.  It was awesome; everything was perfect, clean and nothing smelled. After witnessing this, we strongly believed that we can apply this in Cyprus. So we attempted to set up a composting unit.

The environmental problems caused by landfills are numerous with various side-effects. While there are many problems with landfills, the negative effects are most commonly placed into two distinct categories: atmospheric effects and hydrological effects.

Many small steps from all people can often amount to a large move forward, and there are certainly a few things that everyone can change to become less wasteful. All of us we can make a “greener” Cyprus. Let’s try!!!