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One Move Career is a company that bridges the gap between employers or agencies and the people who are currently searching for a job. We are here to provide you a great experience in hiring employees and looking for a job. It’s not only that for we are also bringing you the latest news in this industry. We even have a promotion and article section that you can check out. We also offer courses and a CV builder. Hence,it would be safe to say that we got everything that you would need towards the employment world.



We make it easy for you to recruit employees at a minimum cost. In fact, the only thing that you need to do is to post the job on our site and upon doing so, the potential candidates would then be able to see it. Also, we have already helped a lot of recruiters who are seeking for the right employees to work in our company and we cannot wait to help you as well. Through our site, you would also have an access to qualified talents in the field or industry where you belong who are only waiting for you to hire them. You can also review the applicants by viewing the CVs that they have provided a brief Prerecorded 5 min interview for a pre-selection to move onto 2nd phase one on one interview with you.



With the existence of our site, there is no longer a need for you to visit every company in your area for you can simply do your search here. After all, we are sure that you can find more jobs here than when you do your search by yourself. Also, through our site, you no longer need to undergo the hassle of long applications for you can just simply upload your resume on our site prerecord your first interview online which showcases your talents in 5 mins. What makes it even great is that it would only take you a few clicks and a few seconds to do that.