Pedieos IVF Center

Pedieos IVF Center

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

A number of reproductive issues can affect human reproduction and make conception and pregnancy more difficult and sometimes impossible, so the dream of having a child is not as easy as in nature.


Today, modern medical science can help overcome most of the problems and dramatically increase the chances of getting pregnant and having a child.
At PEDIEOS IVF CENTER, we offer the best in fertility and reproductive medicine, including state of the art procedures and the very latest in advanced laboratory techniques.


The clinic is among the oldest and most respected of its kind owing to the work of the clinical director Dr Krinos M Trokoudes who was one of pioneers of successful IVF treatment in late 80s.


Our centre also has one of the best OVUM DONATION programs in Eastern Europe operating since the emergence of assisted reproductive technologies. We are proud to announce that we hold a Guinness World Record for our success in egg donation cycles (Guiness Book of Records 1992-1993).


The success of our egg donation program has been maintained throughout the years and has a good reputation for providing easy access to affordable donated eggs which are widely unavailable in other countries.


Our extensive database of egg donors includes women of different ethnic backgrounds giving us the opportunity to match couples of any race. We are deeply grateful to our donors for participating in our program voluntarily and whose motivations are heartfelt. In turn for helping infertile couples to create families, our donors receive full compensation following legislative guidelines in other countries such as Spain, Greece and England.


The combination of the high quality work, reasonable prices and personal care makes Pedieos IVF Center most attractive for IVF and Egg donation treatments.