Sasco Impex Ltd

Sasco Impex Ltd

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Sasco Impex Ltd  a multinational high volume manufacturer  of paper bags and other flexible packaging solutions for Buyers across a broad of market sectors.We also supply food and industrial markets.

All production plants are professionallly managed by industry proffessionals and undergo continuous strict autit and approval processes to ensure they are operational to the highest lever of health and safe ethics,environmental and quality standards globally.

We operate a hiigh lever of flexibility and can manage any logistical challenge that presents itself shipping products all over the world .

Established in 1999 and renamed on 2016 in a privately owned family business. We specialize in manufacture of paper flexible products and imports of packaging disposables mainly for selling and distributed in local market’ on this we focus able to offer complete packaging solutions all under one roof to meet your demands.

We operate in different types of market, providing specific for different market sectors: artisan and industrial bakeries and patisseries, businesses , large retail outlets , and the TAKE AWAY and HORECA sectors as part of varius customer community we dealing.

Our message is to trust our years of expertise in industrial manufacturing and flexible packaging soloutions