Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Charles Bukowski said “Drinking is an emotional thing” and there is no doubt that all good stories start with someone at a bar.


At thegym we raise our glasses and say “εις υγεια”, “cheers”, “Sláinte”, “eviva” to all the good things coming.
Our menu has been meticulously designed to include high quality coffees and selected beverages, a ‘curated’ range of Greek and Cyprus wines and aims at consistently delivering uniquely executed cocktails.


Our talented sommelier has carefully selected a range of local as well as international wines to recommend and match all demanding pallets. We have sourced exclusively, about eight wine labels which can only be found at thegym. Try our cocktails lovingly prepared by our talented mixologist who is in a continuous search for that premium alcohol to deliver exotic and Mediterranean flavours.


It’s a time-consuming albeit rewarding procedure to hand-pick all the ingredients we use, home-cook all the syrups and purees we mix, and create a range of signature collection of infusions. We thrive on continuously searching for new premium alcoholic brands to enhance our selection.