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Firefighters – A number of posts will become available, mainly in Western Sovereign Base Area (WSBA)



FF GRADE – €19,712.00

Internal candidates should be aware that they would need to terminate from their current position within BFC/SBAA and their current Terms and Conditions of Services (TACOS) and will move wholly onto Firefighters NEW TACOS and start at the entry level for firefighters. No previous service will count.

Successful applicants will be expected to take up post in accordance with details provided under “Additional Information”



Full Time – 40 hours per week plus 2 hours overtime per week at plain time rate (i.e. 42 hours per week in total) – 24 hr shift system



As per the contract type



Island Wide / Fire Stations – Mainly WSBA



To be eligible to apply for this role, you must be a Cypriot National.

The recruitment campaign will contain 8 different stages. Each stage requires a sift of applicants for which a minimum pass mark must be achieved, you will be notified at the end of each stage of the campaign if you have been successful.

Vacancy Campaign Stages:

Stage 1.  The initial sifting of the applications will be done based on the essential criteria.

Stage 2.  Sifting of the first two competences: Leadership & Developing People, Working Together

Stage 3.  Sifting of the remaining competences

Stage 4. Written Theoretical Test

Stage 5.  Fitness Ability Test

Stage 6.  Interview

Stage 7.  Medical Review

Stage 8.  Selection

Ensure that your application has been correctly completed and all relevant information has been provided. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected.



16th March 2021, Midnight, Local Cyprus Time. Late applications will not be accepted.



  • • DFR Application will only be accepted from individuals between the age range of 18 to 35.

  • • No Criminal Convictions.

  • • You must be physically fit (a completed DFR Pre-employment health declaration must be submitted with the application form)

  • • You must hold a current and valid Cypriot Identification card.

  • • You must hold a current and valid RoC Passport (Basic training will be held in the UK)

  • • Fluent in written and spoken English. Your English level will be assessed throughout the recruitment process, if your English language skills are not up to the required level, you will be sifted out during the process.

  • • A good knowledge of office-based IT is needed, including Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel and Outlook) and electronic filing practices.

  • • You must undergo and meet the requirements of a security / police check.

  • • External candidates must provide 2 professional references.

  • • Must hold a valid driving licence and be prepared to self-drive MT vehicles (obtain FMT600) to attend meetings across WSBA and ESBA or occasionally in the Republic of Cyprus.



  • • LGV Licence

  • • Ability in written and spoken Greek/Turkish.

  • • Knowledge of SBA / Communities.

For specific details of the role please refer to the attached JOB DESCRIPTION.



You must demonstrate your ability to meet the following BFC/SBAA competences:


BFC/SBAA Competences:

  • • Leadership & Developing People

  • • Working Together

  • • Analysing and Using Evidence

  • • Improvement & Change



If you are successful through all the stages of the recruitment campaign you will be required to attend a 10-week Basic Training course in the UK, you must be prepared to attend and complete this course. The duration or other details of the course may be subject to COVID 19 restrictions in the UK and/or upon your return. The relevant information will be advised if successful. You will be notified of the dates of the training, which will be in tranches over a 12-month period. Your period of employment will start on the first day of basic training.

The recruitment process is designed on the basis of fair and open competition, applications will be judged on their own merit.



  • 1. To apply for this role please complete the application form located at the following link:

DFR Application

  • 2. This role is assessed against the Fire & Rescue Service behaviours. Please refer to:

SBAA BFC CoreCompetence External web page

  • 3. For further information about the role and process involved please contact the Line Manager, by Tel No:00357 25 96 8083, Mr James Gray, DFR Group Manager

  • 4. Once completed electronically please send your application and proof of age eligibility by email to:

[email protected]

Only electronic applications via email in the original word format should be submitted (no handwritten applications will be accepted). No hard copy applications will be accepted. Any forms that are submitted in any other format e.g. bitmap, jpeg, pdf will not be considered.

Incomplete forms will not be sifted, please ensure that you complete all the sections of the form.

Please only send your DFR Application, DFR Pre-employment health declaration and proof of age eligibility. No CVs or any other attachments must be sent to the UKBC group mailbox.

Please do not attempt to send the application to the Recruiting Line Manager as they will not be able to accept it until it is forwarded through the Recruitment Officer for sift evaluation.


Please Note:

You will receive an email to let you know whether or not you have been successful to reach the next stage of the campaign. Feedback on your performance will be provided only at the interview stage.



(To be reviewed at recruitment or annually at beginning of Reporting Year)




Island Wide / Fire


Establishment No




Grade Priority


Full Time/Part Time

Full Time

No of Established Hours

42 hours per week

24 hr shift system

Required Security Clearance


Position LEC/UKD


Current Incumbent Name


Employed by BFC or SBAA


Brief Description of Role

The employee will be expected to perform as a member of an operational watch in all activities identified within the operational business requirements. This includes responding to emergency incident with a primary objective of saving and preserving endangered life and protecting property and the environment from damage. contribute to fire safety solutions and actively promote the DFR and fire safety in within the community and wider SBA environment to minimise the risk and educate local communities. The individual will be expected support and develop colleagues, and take responsibility for their own effective performance, professional development.

Responsible to

  • • The ranks structure within the Fire & Rescue Service will be maintained as follows:

  • • Firefighter – (LM) Crew Manager – (2nd RO) Watch Manager

Priorities (list in order)

  • • Save Life

  • • Protect Property

  • • Provide a service to the community.

  • • Protect the environment


Responsible for (Tasks/Duties)

Percentage (%) of time spent during the working week on each task

  • • Perform as part of a responding operational crew.

  • • Maintain all fire service vehicles and equipment.

  • • Support the community with fire safety advice.

  • • Carry out all duties associated with Watchkeeper responsibilities.

  • • Conduct all training associated with the role as detailed within the Continuation Training Programme.

  • • Drive and site appliances during operational incidents and training.

  • • Support Line Management throughout the working schedule.

  • • 20% (Variable)

  • • 15%

  • • 10%

  • • 10%

  • • 20%

  • • 5%

  • • 20%

All employees are

  • • To undertake additional duties, as required, that may be reasonably expected by the line manager, commensurate with the grade, and within the DFR or unit requirements.

  • • To comply with all responsibilities regarding BFC Equal Opportunities, and Health & Safety Policy.

BFC/SBAA Competences: Essential:

  • • Leadership & Developing People

  • • Working Together

  • • Analysing and Using Evidence

  • • Improvement & Change

Training/qualifications required for the post

Essential: Strong verbal and written English language Clean driving licence No criminal convictions.

Full passport.

Desirable: LGV licence.

Equal Opportunities Responsibilities

The responsibility for implementing the Department’s Equality & Inclusion policies is shared by all staff. The Post Holder has a shared responsibility to ensure that the working environment is free from harassment, and that the dignity of others is respected. The Post Holder is required to take care that his/her own conduct does not cause offence and he/she should actively discourage colleagues from harassing others. Post Holder will be required to undertake a mandated Equality & Inclusion training.

Health & Safety Responsibilities

The Post Holder will take due account of customer care considerations and is responsible for ensuring that their actions and their environment are free from items/actions that may be considered harmful to others.

Originator: LM