Civil Enforcement Warden (HR/21/194)

Τομέας/Κατηγορίες Εργασίας: Άλλα
Τύπος Απασχόλησης: Πλήρης Απασχόληση
Τοποθεσία: Κύπρος, Λάρνακα
Δημοσιεύθηκε πριν από: 4 ημέρες
Λήγει σε 1 εβδομάδα
Reference Number: FJ162818

Περιγραφή Θέσης



Local Administrative Officer (LAO)


External Salary

€21,019.00 per annum


Internal Scales/Salary

Level Transfer or Promotion, the successful candidate will retain their Terms and Conditions (Old TACOS Employees Under a Pension Scheme will be moved on SBAA old TACOS)



New Terms and Conditions: LAO



Permanent, Full-Time




SBAA: 37.50

NEW Terms and Conditions: 37



Dhekelia Area Office



To be eligible to apply for this role, you must be a Cypriot National. This advert is running concurrently both internally and externally. There will be no priority given to internal candidates.

Ensure that your application has been correctly completed and all relevant information has been provided. Failure to do so may result in your application being excluded.

Applications from individuals that have either reached or passed the BFC / SBAA Normal Retirement age of 64 will not be accepted.



Monday 24th January 2022, Midnight, Local Cyprus Time.

Late applications will not be accepted.



  • • You must undergo and pass as security / police check. If you are found successful you will be requested to provide a Clean Criminal Record and a Sex Offenders Certificate issued by the Republic of Cyprus.

  • • You must provide 2 professional references.

  • • A good knowledge of office-based IT is needed, including Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel, Outlook) and electronic filing practices.

  • • Fluency in English and Turkish both verbally and in writing is an essential part of this role.

  • • Be prepared to self-drive an MT vehicle (and prepared to maintain or obtain FMT600) to attend meetings across WSBA and ESBA or occasionally in the Republic of Cyprus and hold a valid driving licence (manual car).

  • • Secondary School Graduate

  • • Very good knowledge of the local area.

  • • Integrity of character, initiative and friendly personality.

  • • Ability to work alone and as part of a team.



  • • Good knowledge of spoken and written Greek.

  • • Two years’ experience in civil administration.

  • • Experience Working with technical drawings

For specific details of the role please refer to attached JOB DESCRIPTION.



You must complete the application form and include evidence of how you meet the following



  • 1. Communicating and Influencing

  • 2. Analysing and Using Evidence

  • 3. Working Together

  • 4. Managing Customers and Suppliers



The recruitment process is a fair and open competition and people will be judged on their own merit.



  • 1. To apply for this role please complete the application form located at the following link:


This role is assessed through the use of a competency framework. For specific details please refer to: SBAA EXTERNAL WEBPAGE & INTERNAL WEB PAGE

  • 2. For further information about the role and process involved please contact Mrs Maria

Kyriakidou-Pieri. on Telephone Number: 00357 24 74 4525

Application Process

  • 4. Once completed electronically please send your application by email to:

[email protected]

Only electronic applications via email in the original word format should be submitted (no handwritten applications will be accepted). No hard copy applications will be accepted. Any forms that are submitted in any other format e.g. bitmap, jpeg, pdf will not be considered

Incomplete forms will not be sifted, please ensure that you complete all the sections on the form.

Only send your application, no CV or any other attachments to the Recruitment group mailbox, please do not attempt to send the application to the Recruiting Line Manager as they will not be able to accept it until it is forwarded through the Recruitment Officer for interview sift evaluation.

Please Note: You will receive an email to let you know whether or not you have been successful to reach the interview stage, you will only receive feedback of your performance from the interview stage.



(To be reviewed at recruitment or annually at beginning of Reporting Year)

Post Title

Civil Enforcement Warden (Dhekelia)

Area / Section

DHK Area Office

Position Number




Grade Priority


Full Time/Part Time

Full Time

No of Established Hours

36.25 – 37.50

Required Security Clearance


Position LEC/UKD


Current Incumbent Name


Employed by BFC or SBAA


Brief Description of Role

Responsible for civil enforcement and investigation of offences in the area of Pergamos and Pyla and performing administrative/clerical duties, including translation, assisting Turkish Cypriots with application and NMD paperwork. The job holder will receive specialised training, including investigating officer duties, writing of structured reports / statements using the MS Office package, conducting recorded interviews for AOD prosecution cases, issue written warnings / cautions and fixed penalty notices (FPNs), gather required evidence for Court prosecution as well as prepare the relevant dockets (for prosecution cases). Additionally, the job holder will be trained as a drone pilot (the drone will be operated for surveillance / monitoring purposes) as well as to use GPS and other equipment (digital camera etc) for data collection and processing.

Responsible to Assistant Area Inspector

Priorities (list in order)

The key responsibilities of the post are:

  • • Patrol daily, Pergamos and Pyla areas, report any offences identified, provide any evidence collected on offences;

  • • Write reports /statements on sites for which further evidence needs to be provided, on all observations made, for all instructions given and any other actions taken;

  • • Detect and report an offence within his/her designated territory within one working day of its occurrence;

  • • Use / operate the drone on a regular basis to monitor specific areas of concern;

  • • Issue written warnings and FPNs as appropriate;

  • • Carry out investigations in cases where illegal civil administration activities have been detected, including assimilation of all required evidence and conduct of recorded interviews;

  • • Performing administrative/clerical duties, including translation, assisting TC’s with NMD paperwork etc; assisting in the processing of TC applications;

  • • Preparation of prosecution dockets;

  • • Carry out any additional duties that may be assigned to him/her by the Area Inspector Dhekelia based on the Area Office’s requirements.

Responsible for (Tasks/Duties)

Percentage (%) of time spent during the working week on each task

•  Patrolling the area within Pergamos and Pyla with the view to preventing, detecting and reporting administrative offences (illegal developments, activities and sites), monitoring potential civil admin offence sites, issuing written warnings and FPNs and providing intelligence to the Area Office Dhekelia and SBA Police;  

•  20%

  • • Assisting with the investigation of administrative offences by preparing statements or other reports, obtaining information required for prosecution, carrying out recorded interviews, preparing prosecution dockets and giving evidence in Court, as required;

  • • Admin and other clerical duties, including translation, assisting TC’s with applications and NMD paperwork;

  • • Liaising with SBA Police, SBA Military Authorities and local Authorities;

  • • Keeping the work-ticket of his/her service vehicle and looking after its proper daily maintenance and cleanliness;

  • • Any other relevant duties assigned to him/her by the Area Inspector Dhekelia.

  • • 20%

  • • 30%

  • • 10%

  • • 5%

  • • 15%

All employees are

To undertake ad-hoc duties, as required, that may be reasonably expected by the line manager but are commensurate with the grade, and within the unit objectives.

To carry out responsibilities with regard to BFC Equal Opportunities and Health & Safety Policies.

Competences required Essential:

  • • Communicating and Influencing

  • • Analysing and Using Evidence

  • • Working Together

  • • Managing Customers and Suppliers


  • • Improvement and Change

  • • Planning and Managing Resources to Deliver Business Results

Knowledge / Experience/Training/qualifications required for the post


  • • Secondary School Graduate.

  • • Very good knowledge of spoken and written English and Turkish.

  • • IT literacy – very good knowledge of MS Office applications.

  • • Very good knowledge of the local area.

  • • Current driving licence (manual car)

  • • Integrity of character, initiative and friendly personality.

  • • Ability to work alone and as part of a team.


  • • Good knowledge of spoken and written Greek.

  • • Two years’ experience in civil administration.

  • • Experience Working with technical drawings

Equal Opportunities Responsibilities

The responsibility for implementing the Department’s Equality and Diversity polices is shared by all staff. The Post Holder has a shared responsibility to ensure that the working environment is free from harassment, and that the dignity of others is respected. The Post Holder is required to take care that his/her own conduct does not cause offence and she/he should discourage colleagues from harassing others. Post Holder will be required to undertake a mandated Equality & Diversity training.

Health & Safety Responsibilities

The Post Holder is to take due account of customer care considerations and is responsible for ensuring that their own actions and their environment is free from items/actions that may be considered hazardous to others.

Originator: Line Manager















Κύπρος, Λάρνακα