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Περιγραφή Θέσης

Development and restructuring of infrastructure have been a major component of UNDP and EU partnership in Cyprus since 2001. Investments in local infrastructure in the northern part of Cyprus have been financed in the sectors of environment, water and wastewater, architectural restorations, recreational areas, and other social infrastructure, such as local community facilities.


The EU in cooperation with UNPD established a new mechanism, namely the “Local Infrastructure Facility” (LIF), to coordinate and support the implementation of EU funded infrastructure projects in the northern part of Cyprus. Its main aim is the identification, selection, bringing to maturation, tendering and implementation of sustainable projects selected through iterative participatory processes (‘calls for proposals’) involving the EU, UNDP and the local communities/beneficiaries. The selected & matured projects are then to be proposed to be realised with EU funding and implemented by UNDP. Projects with bi-communal aspects, either in terms of physicality or implementation, are promoted where possible.


Of the projects selected with a degree of maturity and considered as a priority project is the ‘Pedieos River/Kanlidere Rehabilitation (linear park) Project’.  This project located in Nicosia will be implemented in both north and south and also within the UN buffer zone of Nicosia.  It is a bi-communal project consisting of construction flood protection measures and a linear park (walking and cycling path) along a length of approx. 5.6 km of riverbed, to specifications similar to the already completed river linear park in the southern part of Nicosia.


The project consists of works covering approximately;

  • 370m riverbed south of the UN Buffer Zone
  • 435m riverbed within the UN Buffer Zone
  • 4,795m riverbed north of the UN Buffer Zone


An EC funded detailed Feasibility Study (FS) for the ‘Pedieos River/Kanlidere Rehabilitation Project’, completed January 2019, is available and includes;

  • Detailed topographical survey of the project area
  • Ecological survey (habitat mapping)
  • Detailed hydrological analysis with rainfall data yielding to storm water and river flow runoff, and hydraulic analysis of selected river cross sections vulnerable to flooding considering predictions for 20 ,50 and 100 years flood events
  • Architectural design and construction of river rehabilitation infrastructures (mainly including flood protection works, protection/improvement of the hydro morphological and ecological features of the river, construction of a walking/cycle path and various pedestrian bridges at selected points).
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Financial options analysis (identifying the proposed variants and associated options)


UNDP will implement the project as ‘design & build FIDIC yellow book’ modality. The Employer’s Requirements to be prepared by the consultant will be used for this purpose.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the overall supervision of the UNDP Senior Programme Manager and the direct supervision of the LIF Project Manager, the Consultant shall carry out the elaboration of the Employer’s Requirements (ER) to enable the UNDP tendering of a design & build (FIDIC yellow book) works contract.

The Feasibility Study will be made available to the consultant for use in compilation of the ER after contract signature. Any necessary supplementary data for the elaboration of the ER is to be acquired from relative stakeholders and beneficiaries..


The Consultants activities are expected to indicatively involve;

  • Meetings with stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • Review of existing data and acquisition of any necessary additional data.
  • Compilation of the 1st draft ER and submission to UNDP.
  • Review of the 1st draft ER and feedback by the stakeholders.
  • Developing the ER with the feedbacks given by UNDP and submission 2nd draft to UNDP.
  • Review of 2nd draft ER and feedbacks by the stakeholders.
  • Finalisation of the Employer’s Requirements.


The Consultant shall submit deliverables in three stages;

  • 1st draft ER (estimated time of input up to 12 working days including meetings with stakeholders).
  • 2nd draft ER within 7 working days of receiving feedbacks from UNDP (estimated input up to 5 working days).
  • Final ER within 7 working days of receiving feedbacks from UNDP (estimated input up to 3 working days).


20 working days in total. The Consultants working time is to be 100% based in Nicosia, northern part of Cyprus. Adequate working area is to be provided within UNDP premises.

Deliverables shall be submitted in printed (x 3 copies) and in editable electronic format (MS word, excel, etc.) on ‘flash disk’.


Contents of the Employers Requirements

The Employer’s Requirements (ER) that will be used as part of the solicitation process based on FIDIC Yellow Book ‘design & build’ modality and must include, inter alia, the following aspects/topics:



Objectives of the contract, project area, climate, geomorphology, population, etc.



Pertinent data obtained from the Feasibility Study and from beneficiaries, such as the topographical surveys, ecological data, metrological data, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) recommendations, etc.  The ER should state that these data are for references only and must be validated by the contractor during the design & build stage.



Design conditions, required permits, general and particular design requirements.



Detailed description of the works, such as walking & cycle paths, bridges, retaining walls, culverts, facilities, etc., and related Employers specifications.



Implementation time schedule with designs and works timelines outlined and described.



The ER shall give an outline of ‘assumptions & risks’ for the D&B contractor to develop its mitigation & monitoring measures during the D&B contract.


Other than the specific and technical competencies required in order to perform the duties described above, the following personal and general competencies will be needed:

  • Overall Professionalism, Integrity, Enthusiasm & Commitment.
  • Good problem-solving skills; ability to apply good judgment in the context of assignments given.
  • Ability to plan own work and meet tight deadlines.
  • Able to work efficiently with minimal direction.
  • Self-disciplined with strong work ethic.
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive attitude.
  • Remains calm, in control and good humored even under pressure.
  • Demonstrates integrity by behaving according to the UN’s values and ethical standards.
  • Maintains effective partnerships and working relations with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
  • Excellent analytical and document drafting skills.
  • Good problem-solving skills; ability to apply good judgment in the context of assignments given; ability to plan own work and meet tight deadlines; attention to detail.
  • Demonstrates good oral and written (English) communication skills.
  • Excellent analytical and document drafting skills and ability to gather, analyze and evaluate data on technical aspects.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relations with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

Required Skills and Experience

Education, experience and language requirements:

  • Master’s degree in engineering or related disciplines.
  • At least 1 FIDIC Yellow contract implementation as the client’s project manager.
  • At least 10 years of experience working in civil works contracts of a similar nature as project manager of a client and/or supervision (FIDIC) Engineer and/or Project Manager of works contractor.
  • Experience in preparing at least 3 Employer’s Requirements for FIDIC Yellow Design & Build modality for infrastructure projects (EU or UNPD) such as water, wastewater, drainage, flood protection, natural bodies, etc.
  • Registration/membership with the relevant professional association/organisation if applicable
  • Competency in computer use.
  • Written and spoken fluency in English.
  • Experience working in an EU member state is an asset



Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  • CV: Submission of CV
  • References: Contact details of 3 references.


Financial Proposal: Applicants requested to submit financial proposal for the assignments defined in this term of reference as:

  • A lump sum financial offer for the deliverables; shall cover all expenditures including fees, health insurance, vaccination, international (all travel to join duty station/repatriation travel) or local travel (place of residence to office and office to place of residence), cost of living and any other relevant expenses related to the performance of services. Leave benefits (annual, sick, paternity, maternity) are not applicable to Individual Contractor and absent days including weekends and office holidays are not payable.


Evaluation / Selection Process

All applicants will be screened against qualifications and the competencies set above. Candidates fully meeting the requirements will be further evaluated based on the criteria below.


Technical Criteria (CV review and interviews) – 70% of total evaluation – max. 70 points

CV review: 30 points:

  • Educational qualification as defined in the ToR (10 points)
  • Experience as defined in the ToR (20 points)

Only candidates who obtained at least 70% of points from the CV review (who will score at least 21 points) will be eligible to be invited for an interview/desk review.


Interview/Desk review: 40 points

  • Relevant work experience in civil works contracts – 10
  • Experience in preparation of ‘employer’s requirements’ for FIDIC Yellow Book contract modality – 15
  • Experience in rehabilitation of natural areas – 15


Only those individual consultants who obtained at least 70% of points from the interview and written test (28 out of 40) will be considered for financial proposal evaluation.

Financial Criteria – 30% of total evaluation – max. 30 points.

Financial scores will be calculated using the formula [lowest offer / financial offer of the candidate x 30].

UNDP applies the “Best value for money approach” – the final selection will be based on the combination of the applicants’ qualification and financial proposal.


Payment Term:

Payable upon submission of the final outputs upon approval of UNDP.


Λευκωσία Λευκωσία Λευκωσία Λευκωσία , Κύπρος Κύπρος Κύπρος Κύπρος