Officer, Security

Τομέας/Κατηγορία Εργασίας: Άλλα, Καζίνο, Φρουροί Ασφαλείας
Τύπος Απασχόλησης: Πλήρης Απασχόληση
Τοποθεσία: Λεμεσός Λεμεσός Λεμεσός Λεμεσός , Κύπρος Κύπρος Κύπρος Κύπρος
Δημοσιεύτηκε πριν από: 3 ημέρες
Λήγει σε 2 εβδομάδες
Αριθμός Αναφοράς: FJ26681

Περιγραφή Θέσης

REQ1067 Officer, Security (Open)


The Security Officer is responsible for monitoring all activities on the Casino premises to ensure the safety and security of customers, staff and company property and for providing effective support to all departments. Cyprus Casinos in Limassol has two new position of male or females security officers.


Primary Responsibilities:

· Work with Colleagues and Customers.

Maintain an effective relationship with staff and customers within the work environment by p esenting a professional image and dealing with incidents in a discreet and confidential manner appropriate to the situation.

· Manage Own Performance

Effectively manage and maintain own quality of work performance conduct completing all tasks as directed. Contribute to the effective functioning of the Team and the Department.

· Work in a Socially Diverse Environment

Use cultural awareness and understanding whilst maintaining effective standards of written and verbal communication with staff and customers in the workplace. Operate basic security equipment including radios to support and complete these functions.

· Maintain the Security of Premises, Property and Personnel

Ensure a safe and secure environment for staff and customers by performing roving and static security functions at assigned posts and areas and assisting other Departments in this function. Take appropriate action to prevent loss or damage to the property and respond to all emergencies and alarms as requested and directed.

· Control Crowds

Monitor the access/exit of persons from premises when assigned and provide support to others in this function when directed. Monitor and manage crowd levels within the work environment.

· Maintain Safety of Premises and Personnel

Effectively participate in the management of potential safety hazards including fire alarms, emergency situations, bomb threats and building evacuation.

· Deal with Conflict Situations

Maintain and apply skills to deal with conflict situations that occur within the work environment in an appropriate manner and as per policies.

· Manage Intoxicated Persons

Maintain and apply skills to deal with the management of intoxicated persons within the work environment in an appropriate manner and in accordance with company policy.

· Escort and Carry Valuables

Escort and/or carry valuables as assigned or directed. Valuables may include the transportation of chips and cash as well as documentation.

· Perform Other Duties as Directed

Perform all duties as directed by the Director, Security Operations or the delegated authority and in accordance with all Policies and Procedures, laws and regulations applicable to the Department.



Key Performance Indicators:

· Cultural Understanding

· Demonstrated knowledge of the role

· Demonstrate intimate knowledge of associated buildings and property

· Demonstrated teamwork

· Demonstrate ability to stay in assigned work area

· Demonstrate ability to ensure start, finish & break times are adhered to.

· Demonstrate appropriate problem solving skills to linguistic differences


Education & Experience:

  • Experience in Customer Service and or Security Officer duties·
  • Demonstrated teamwork·
  • Fluency in Greek and English, other languages are an advantage


Skills / Competencies:

· High commitment to delivering customer service

· Encourage team unity

· Communicate effectively

· Display a high level of integrity

· Maintain discretion.

· Self-motivation towards personal performance


Λεμεσός Λεμεσός Λεμεσός Λεμεσός , Κύπρος Κύπρος Κύπρος Κύπρος