PIP - P. Ioannides Plastics Ltd

Company Detail

PIP was founded in Cyprus in 1969. Ever since, the Company has been specializing in the production of single-use thermoformed plastic packaging for the food processing industry.

Today, decades later, PIP continues to focus in the field of thermoforming process, devoting its resources deeply in this method of production, so to provide the best available product in the market.

Knowledge and experience, together with the Company’s tradition to employ modern machinery, materials of the highest food-grade quality, and the strictest international hygiene & quality standards, have given PIP a stable footing in export markets and predominance in the food packaging industry in Cyprus.

The Company has been servicing clients for the last many years in the EU (Continental Europe & the UK), Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Arab World.

Among PIP customers are manufacturers of dairy products, butter & margarine, ready-made salads, fruit drinks & juices, ready-made coffees, as well as other products in the food and drinks industries.