Revo Consulting

Revo Consulting

Company Detail

Revo Consulting Ltd was founded by Gregoris Gregoriou and it is registered in the United Kingdom. Gregoris has studied his undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering in the University of Cyprus, before moving to United Kingdom to pursue an MSc in Financial Risk Management at the University of Glasgow with Full Scholarship by the Scottish Funding Council.

Post completion of his studies, Gregoris has worked for Morgan Stanley within the Operational Risk and Market Risk Department in Glasgow, prior moving to London to work as a consultant for HSBC in their London Group Headquarters within Traded Risk, Business Management and Business Transformation.

The experience he has acquired in the United Kingdom is enhanced by the experience and the knowledge from the local businesses and the local market, as well as from the problems that Cypriot businesses face.

He specializes in the financial needs of businesses, the restructuring and development of companies, the promotion of businesses in Cyprus and abroad, “the constant surveillance” and the materialization of the businesses’ goals (business coaching).