DecaarLad Ltd

DecaarLad Ltd

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

DÉCAAR is a new and vibrant cosmeceutical brand that counts and draws on the vast experience of some of the most renowned benchmark cosmeceutical formulators and business development professionals in the industry, who all share one common belief: the foundation of beauty is found in skin health.


It is focused on challenging the status quo of the cosmetic skincare market and leading by example. It is committed to creating and delivering innovative, unique, safe and highly effective skincare products and treatments, all with dermatologically proven results, that target the most specific skin types and concerns of our clients.

“Dare to be Yourself”


DÉCAAR is the direct result of a series of mainstream and benchmark professionals of the cosmetic skincare industry and their respective concerns on skin health in order to achieve beauty. It is, in essence, a brand built by a community of experts who have all been acknowledged for their respective expertise and knowledge in the industry.