Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

destream is the go-to platform for streamers, content creators and eSports driven by emotions. Content creators have the ability to embed their streams in our platform while streaming from their preferred broadcasting service all in accordance with the terms and conditions of that service.

Streamers have at their disposal various tools to improve their stream by adding widgets on their stream that are meant either to inform or to interact with their viewers. For example some of these widgets may inform the viewers of the latest users that subscribed to the stream.

Additionally, the streamer has the tools to receive tips from the viewers in the form of an amount of money sent via a payment channel of their choosing. Upon receiving the tips, the streamer can withdraw their balance at any time using any of the payment methods available to them.

destream provides the tools to the streamer without charge. However, we take a commission on each transaction to keep us up and running and to keep providing our clients with new exciting tools and functionalities!