Filippou Woodworks

Χ.Λ.Φιλιππου Ξυλουργικά Λτδ

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Filippou woodworks is a company with a long tradition and prominence in the field of carpentry in Cyprus and abroad.

Engaged in manufacturing wooden kitchens, wardrobes, doors, roofs, floors, staircases, canopies, furniture and everything made of wood, only on demand, while taking interior and exterior decorations.

Since 1978 the company performs carpentry for private homes, commercial spaces, offices of large companies, luxury hotels with a wide customer base that includes some of the biggest names contractor, architectural and decorative space, eminent individuals, both in Cyprus and abroad .

The monitoring of international trends in combination with the adoption of more sophisticated technologies in equipment, methods, materials and decorative materials ensure the excellent quality of its products. The company projects distinguished for their high aesthetics, the perfect finish, innovative design and the high degree of functionality that add to the modern lifestyle.

Experience in wood, expertise, responsibility, good work and prompt service are the key elements that give our company the necessary infrastructure to offer customized solutions for any construction requested, satisfying even the most particular requirements.