Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

With experience of more than twenty years and emphasizing on high quality, Fresh Snack has been operating in production, packaging and handling of snack products since 1995. With over 3000 sq.m., our modern facilities in the district of Athanatoi near Heraklion, contribute to the achievement of a perfect result with its organization in production and packaging, while also representing the starting point for the creation and ongoing development of an expanded corporate distribution network, at a local and national level.


At Fresh Snack, we have created and continuously create, products that meet your daily needs: morning, noon, afternoon, at the office, on excursions… Packaged by hand, fresh sandwiches of premium and Meal Deal series, BIG croissants in a variety of flavors, and of course, our leading product, which is unique, our giant croissant, CHOCO BIG, breadsticks and “freddo” our cold croissants, a global innovation.


Our new series of products, SWEET bit with tarts, brownies and cakes of various flavors is proof of our success in the past in producing packaged sweets.


The qualitative selection of our ingredients from companies with years of experience and with the emphasis on the local and domestic market, the stringent European standards of our machinery and the standard compliance process of quality management system ISO 22000:2005 that we follow, provide the ideal conditions for production, packaging and handling of sandwiches, croissants, standard confectionery and fine baked goods.


Our continuously growing proprietary distribution network, but also all our partners throughout Greece, confirm our success by filling the shelves and refrigerators, of kiosks, cafeterias and supermarkets. Of course, following the latest trends and developments in our field, our key success has always been skilled and well-trained human resources. Our continuous efforts for development in quality have been rewarded by our consumers, who empower our company with more responsibility and commitment in order to continually improve our products and services.