Green Energy Group

Green Energy Group

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

The Green Energy Group is the result of the strategic alliance between specialists in the sector and investors aiming to further develop and promote the Green Energy Sector in Cyprus. Green Energy Group is a dynamic and flexible venture of companies active in Green Energy Sector, offering solutions in the fields of Renewable Energy, Energy Saving, Cooling/Heating/Ventilation and Energy Services. The backbone and power of the Group is its qualified, highly trained, dedicated and experienced workforce.


Our vision is the transforamtion of Cyprus into a model country of Green Energy Development. Our strategic goal is to be recognized for our expertise and long experience and to become leaders in the Green Energy Sector.

We provide internationally accepted alternative innovative and integrated solutions in the fields of Renewable Energy and Energy Saving. We achieve that by collaborating with the gratest names in the international industry of Renewable Energy and Energy Saving.


We provide a wide range of high quality products and services. Our collaboration with world known suppliers makes us pioneers in the introduction and implementation of the most advanced and innovative solutions:

Photovoltaic systems – Residential / Commercial Self-generation / Large scale parks
Solar Thermal systems – Residential / Commercial
Heating / Cooling / Ventilation systems – Residential / Light Commercial / Central / Maintenance
ESCO-Energy Services Company