Anastasiou Awards Center Ltd

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Anastasiou Awards Center Ltd is the company that carries on the work of ZIGKOTECHNIKI, one of the oldest establishments in the field of award-making, with over 30 years’ worth of experience. The modern concept and new dynamic approach developed by the management of the succeeding company has soon established Anastasiou Awards Center Ltd as the most advanced and fastest growing enterprise in the field, having proved to both their partners and clients that they are more than capable of satisfying any preferences and meeting any expectations in matters that concern their line of business.

An additional guarantee is the extensive experience of the company’s Department of Sales in the field of sports, i.e. awards and sponsorships; a fact, which allows Anastasiou Awards Center Ltd to directly respond to the needs and requirements of the current market for awards, cups, trophies, medals, plaques, souvenirs, banners and so on. In addition, every demanding customer may design and create their own customised and unique trophy, award, banner or souvenir (t-shirts, hats etc.) at the most competitive prices in the industry!

As a result of this policy and practice, Anastasiou Awards Center Ltd has gained the trust of a big segment of the Cypriot market within a relatively short period of time. The company has built a valued and respectable clientele that includes the majority and the biggest sports federations, sport and other associations, unions, events, government ministries, schools (kindergartens, elementary, high schools, colleges and universities), military establishments, large companies with a tradition of sponsoring sporting and social events, as well as common citizens who demand quality, prompt service and customised product at the best prices.