Kypwell Corp. Ltd


Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

Welcome to Kypwell® – Kypros (Cyprus in Greek) and our philosophy of holistic wellbeing that has grown, like the herbs and plants we use in our Mediterranean skin nutrition and Face Wellness treatments, from the rich volcanic soil of Cyprus, warmed by the Mediterranean sun.




We want to share with you the Mediterranean secret to ageless beauty!
We developed unique Face Wellness Method® which combines our Mediterranean skin nutrition, face exercise systems, sculpting massages & therapies and de-stress techniques, everything to support your mental and physical wellbeing. Our approach is entirely holistic with sustainability at the core of our ethos.



We want to inspire you with Holistic Wellbeing & Siga-Siga lifestyle.

We believe physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand, but finding balance in the 21st century is difficult. We all need to slow down and be kinder to ourselves. This is why we sought inspiration in Cyprus, where people enjoy a calm lifestyle born of an intimate and sustainable relationship with nature. Our priorities are as clear as the Mediterranean air: enjoy simple but most important things in life – family, friends and healthy lifestyle.


We are 100% committed to staying true to who we are as people and dedicated to adding value to supporting the local community in Cyprus. We also have a wider responsibility to show that a mindful, holistic approach to wellbeing is hugely beneficial, whatever your age, wherever you live.

We want to help people understand that harsh invasive or toxic procedures designed to achieve physical ‘perfection’ do not lead to happiness. Face/body positivity comes from respect for what nature has provided and hard work to preserve it; no face can be beautiful unless it is natural and healthy.

Our mission is to reconnect people with nature, promote healthy confidence and a slower, more sustainable pace of life.