Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

The SLOA Ltd was created to provide business activities and introduction consulting innovation in enterprises and organizations in the private and public sector. It is the result of cooperation executives with extensive experience in the implementation of co-financed projects and new technology and high knowledge of the Cyprus market specificities. It provides specialized quality services with respect to customer needs.


The knowledge and experience of managerial staff in all areas of business activity, significant partnerships with companies providing leading services in the sectors of and the certification of our services in the standard EN ISO 9001: 2008, are the continuous growth driver work and clientele.


Systematic Logical Operations Advisers


The SLOA has invested in high intelligence intelligent technology for managing large databases and has developed high expertise in providing services to end customers and operators working in the field of big data analytics:

i. Business Analysis: provides services in understanding, designing and development of data or application smart practices for data analysis applications for markets such as retail, banking, health, telecommunications, insurance companies, etc.

ii. Business Intelligence Strategy: undertakes to analyze and recommend Business Intelligence Strategy in line with the business objectives and the objective conditions of the market.

iii. Big Data Intelligent Solutions: based on technical intelligence, designs and develops open source tools [Java SDK] working using any operating environment, taking advantage of quantitative and qualitative data found in databases or collected online on line and real time.