VK Global Business Solutions Ltd

VK Global Business Solutions Ltd

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Our Story

A leading independent firm, specializing in business development and corporate finance, around the GLOBE.

We’ve been looking after our clients’ interests for more than 10 years and personal service is as important to us now as it was when our practice began.


Who We Are

We work with a huge variety of clients, so whether you are a private individual requiring tax advice or a business at any stage in its lifecycle – from starting out to planning for growth to preparing for a successful sale – we can help.

Whatever we do for you, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that we work to the challenging standards required by highly respected regulatory authorities.

This site explains more about our services and is divided into sections for: Businesses and their owners & Private individuals


Our Vision

Building strong client relationships isn’t the only reason we continue to thrive. Like the businesses we work for, we recognise that we have to keep moving forward, so we offer a range of integrated services to look after all aspects of our clients’ financial endeavors.