Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας


Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories Ltd (YML) was established in 1975 by Dr. Nicos S. Yiannouka and its headquarters are located in Strovolos area Nicosia Cyprus. During 2000 his son Mr. Kyriakos N. Yiannouka joined the company, bringing the idea to expand the laboratory through the establishment of smaller sub-branches aiming to bring YML’s services closer to its users.

As a result of this idea, over the years, YML offers its services through seven (7) other smaller sub-branches in Nicosia, (1) in Larnaca (In cooperation with Mr. Costas Yiannoukas Laboratory) and with the use of mobile blood sampling units with highly qualified phlebotomists in Limassol area. These sub-branches act as sampling centers where the public can have its blood and other specimens taken for examination. Samples are transferred fast and efficiently, using YML’s own private logistic services, to its main Laboratory in Nicosia.

Aiming at easiness of access, credibility and quality of results, YML was among the very first labs to be accredited with the ISO – 15189. Nowadays being able to foresee the need for an increased range of services and immediate adaption of new techniques and innovation in examinations, YML recently became the latest member of Biomedicine Healthcare Group of companies, which is the leading private provider of primary health care services in Greece.

At Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories we believe that our constant Quest for Excellence and Provision of Innovative and Easily Accessible health services will always be the means to achieve our primary goal for continuous upgrading of our services and improvement of the wellbeing of all citizens.


Biomedicine Healthcare Group of Companies is a 100% Greek owned and operating group of companies, active in the medical services sector since 1981. It is the leading private provider of primary health care services in Greece, with more than 2,600 employees, 700 of which are specialized doctors, 32 autonomous diagnostic centers covering a total area of 44.700m2, and more than 2,500,000 individuals receiving the group’s services annually. The group also consists of 3 private clinics, in Athens, Piraeus & Thessaloniki, models of modern high-quality hospitals, a center for cross border patients and 4 dental units (Athens, Alimos, Kifissia, Thessaloniki). The Group cooperates with more than 450 private companies, the largest insurance companies and all public insurance funds.

It is noteworthy that Biomedicine Healthcare GoC in a constantly changing social and economic environment continues its steady expansion process by implementing both a domestic in Greece and a multidimensional abroad investment program aiming to expand group’s activities to other European countries. Part of this program was the recent acquisition of the majority stake in Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories Ltd, which became a member of the Group’s family.

Commitment of the Group’s President and Managing Director Evangelos Spanos is to continuously upgrade the services provided to improve the quality of life of people by providing innovative and easily accessible health services to all citizens.