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StaffMatters is a leading Recruitment and HR Services company located in Cyprus, where we take pride in the exceptional level of service we offer to our clients

Πληροφορίες Εταιρείας

StaffMatters Recruitment is the professional provider of all your Human Resources needs in Cyprus   StaffMatters Recruitment Specialists is located in Cyprus, where we provide arguably the best recruitment service to jobseekers and employers alike. Hundreds of companies in Limassol, Nicosia, Pafos, Larnaca (and everywhere in between) rely on us to find them the perfect candidates whenever they have a job vacancy. Similarly, we have an extensive database of candidates who entrust us with their CV in their search for employment.   We are the experts who introduce exactly those candidates that the vacancy requires to the prospective employer, and introduce exactly those jobs that a candidate is dreaming about to the jobseeker. As simple as that. How do we accomplish this? Yes, we have a remarkable computer system that could even perform this function all by itself, but that’s not our secret. Our secret: Matching the perfect job with the perfect candidate, is done by us. Personally. We know our clients and we know our candidates. Personally.  

86 Διαθέσιμη/ες Θέση/εις Εργασίας

Head of Back Office VAC-19535N

PSP Manager (Forex) VAC-19530M

Product Manager VAC-19529M

Data Analyst VAC-19526M

PSP Project Manager VAC-19516M

Senior Accountant VAC-19492S

Corporate Lawyer VAC-19483M

Senior Auditor VAC-19482

Accountant VAC-19478T

Business Development Manager VAC-19477C

Head of Back Office VAC-19469M

Sales Manager VAC-19466G

Marketing Automation Specialist / CRM ManagerVAC-19465M

Auditor VAC-19463M

Senior Auditor VAC-19462S

 Market Analyst VAC-19455M

Accountant VAC-19436M